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Selezione Schiava

Kellerei Kaltern has set itself the task and duty of upholding the valuable heritage and tradition of the Kalterersee and ensuring that this wine receives the acclaim that it deserves. With our excellent grapes from the best locations around the lake, with the hard work and application of our winegrowers, with the knowledge and skills of our cellar master and with our modern cellaring technology, we claim to produce the best Kalterersee wines.  We want to convince you with the tasting package Kalterersee: For the special price of   45 (you save more than 10%) you will get a bottle of

Lago di Caldaro scelto
Schiava Alto Adige
Greifenberg Lago di Caldaro scelto
Campaner Schiava
Pfarrhof Lago di Caldaro scelto classico superiore
Solos Schiava biodinamica

49.- € instead of 52,40 €!

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49.00 €*

*Price including GST/VAT excluding shipping costs

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