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Solos Alto Adige Gewürztraminer biodinamico

A wet, cool winter ushered in 2009, followed by a warm period during which the vines sprouted. This caused a rapid blossom period and fast grape development. The summer was warm and dry and, up until autumn, ripening was some 14 days ahead of the previous year. The grapes harvested were of particularly high quality, with relatively high sugar levels and optimum physiological ripeness.

This wine pairs well with fish appetizers, paté, gooseliver, and can also play a starring role as an aperitif or dessert wine.

Serving temperature:
11-13° C



Solos Gewürztraminer 2012

- I vini di Veronelli 2014: 3 Stelle (90 punti)

Certified by:
Abcert GmbH - IT BIO 013


Südtiroler Alto Adige Gewürztraminer DOC 2015 vino biodinamico
Erzeugerabfüllung/imbottigliato all'origine Kellerei Kaltern - Caldaro
Italia vino d'Italia
Inhalt/contenuto/content: 0,75 lt
Alkohol/alcol/alcohol: 15,5 % vol
enthält Sulfite/contiene solfiti/contains sulphites
Zertifizierung IT BI0 013
Certificazione IT BI0 013
Certification IT BI0 013


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21.50 €*

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