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Quintessenz Alto Adige Kalterersee Classico superiore

Owned by the Catholic church, this historic winery is situated in the heart of the Kaltern wine-growing region. A warm climate and well-drained chalky, gravelly soils offer the best conditions for growing full, rich red wines. Low yields and a careful cellaring in large oak casks parlays a meltingly smooth character to the wine. The color of rubies, its interesting bouquet of violets paired with a round, harmonious taste of bitter almonds, combine to make this wine an unusually sophisticated representative of its kind.

This wine is ideal as an aperitif, an accompaniment to appetizers, or to typical Tyrolean fare such as speck and sausage, but also to lighter meats and mild cheeses.

Serving temperature:
14-16° C



Pfarrhof Kalterersee Classico Superiore 2016
Vini Buoni D'Italia: Golden Star

Pfarrhof Kalterersee Classico Superiore 2015
Vinibuoni d'Italia: Corona
Gambero Rosso: 2 Bicchieri Rossi (Finale)
Spirito di vino: 90 points
Bibenda 2017: 4 Grappoli
Spirito di vino: 90 points

Pfarrhof Kalterersee Classico Superiore 2014
Wine & Spirits: Year's Best, Best Buy
Vini buoni d'Italia: Corona
 "Dolomiten"-Vernatsch des Jahres: Sieger
Gambero Rosso: 2 Bicchieri


Südtiroler Alto Adige Kalterersee classico superiore DOC 2017
Erzeugerabfüllung/imbottigliato all'origine Kellerei Kaltern - Caldaro Italia
vino d'Italia
Inhalt/contenuto/content: 0,75 lt
Alkohol/alcol/alcohol: 13,0 % vol
enthält Sulfite/contiene solfiti/contains sulphites


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11.90 €*

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